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Motor is not spinning


Dear all,

I have a NUCLEO-F302R8 and the X-NUCLEO-IHM07M1 motor driver expansion board. I have a three phase BLDC motor with an encoder attached to it. I have profiled the motor and I am able to run the motor in the profiler. When I use the workbench software to implement a speed controller or a torque controller the motor does not spin. Attaching the encoder to an oscilloscope has shown a correct signal. When I use the torque controller, it seems that the motor is trying to keep a constant position. Nothing happens when a speed controller is active. Do you have any ideas on how solve the problem and get the motor to work?

ST Employee


I suppose that you not spinning motor use case is with Encoder set as main "speed sensing selection", isn't it?
If it is the case, could you please verify encoder connections and Workbench>Motor>"Pulses per mechanical revolution" setting?
Could you generate a project with sto-pll observer as main speed sensor and Encoder as auxiliary speed sensor and if motor is spinning check that Encoder reported parameters are correct (Encoder angle aligned with Sto-Pll angle e.g)?

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