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Large current surges when the Hall sensors move to a new sector.

Associate III

I use B-G431B-ESC1, MC 5.Y.3 and Hall sensors as main feedback. I am getting large Id and Iq current peaks when the Hall sensors are switched. This apparently leads to the operation of the current protection, as well as a weak torque.

The graphs are drawn with torque control under load, while the rotor turned very slowly.

Laurent Ca...
Lead II

Dear @DTort.1​ 

It is indeed interesting. Can you just elaborate a bit more what your question is?

Best regards

Hi Laurent Ca... thanks for your reply.

My question is, why is this happening, why is there a surge of current Iq, Id when moving to a new sector? I have seen surges that exceed the average value of iq,Id at this moment, can this cause the overcurrent protection to trip?

Why does the PID controller not compensate for this, because it should not allow sudden control throws. For my application, I set a minimum bandwidth of 100 rad/s for the torque controller.