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How to use Motor Pilot with the example project of the steval-PTOOL1V1 ?



I have a STEVAL-PTOOL1V1 board.

I flashed the board with a STLINK-V3SET with the example project "6S_STEVAL-PTOOL_HS_VM " which was generated using "MotorControl Workbench 5.Y.3".

Now, I should be able to use "Motor Pilot 5.Y.3" to control the motor plugged to the board.

Following the instructions on the document "um2916-mcsdk--6step-firmware-examples-insights-of-the-firmware-and-how-to-customize-it-stmicroelectronics", I am using a speed of 115200.

When I try to connect to the board I get an error message saying "try to configure the board".

I have two COM port available COM12 and COM13, same error with both.

I previously was using a STEVAL-SPIN3204, after flashing the example project "6S_STEVAL3204_HS_VM", I was directly able to connect to the board using "Motor Pilot 5.Y.3"

The only difference I can see is the stlink which is not integrated on the STEVAL-PTOOL1V1. I connected my STLINK-V3SET to the board using the SWD interface. I did not find any instructions about others connection to be made in order to work with "Motor Pilot 5.Y.3".

Any Ideas ?

Laurent Ca...
Lead II

Dear @LBlen.1​ 

Sorry for the late answer.

Do you have still this problem to solve?

And just in case, if not, do not hesitate to share the final solution you found. Thanks by advance.

Best regards


Has this been sorted out, I also cannot connect to the Motor Pilot. I have connected a UART serial interface to the RX/TX lines and the interface shows up in the Motor Pilot, however it shows the same response "try to configure the board".