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How to tune Start-up Parameters, On-the-fly, rev-up, ...

Associate III

Hello 🙂

I am using ST MCSDK 5.2 for a bicycle hub motor (with freewheeling) and try to tune the startup parameters.

I get decent startup by activating "rev-up to FOC switch-over"

The downside: If the motor is still moving from the last run and I try to start the motor again, I get an over current fault. Seems like rev-up and an already turning motor are not compatible?

I feel like this is where on-the -fly startup would come in handy, but when I activate it, rev-up is no longer even available. (Ideally the software would use rev-up for a stopped and on the fly for a moving motor in my opinion)

Also I am not sure if understand the whole startup procedure with the 5 possible steps correctly.

Seems like nr1 is an alignment step to get the motor to a defined position and 2 starts the movement.

How comes that this is compatible with the rev-up option? Seems like two different ways to start the motor to me.

Maybe someone has info material or his own ideas on how to tune these parameters?

Many thanks!


Laurent Ca...
Lead II

The question has been moved from the "Motor Control Hardware" section to the "STM32 Motor Control" section (the question is about the STM32 MC SDK). 

Best regards

I find it frustrating that ST staff "move" questions when they don't fit a category.  I did a google search which lead me to this forum topic... but now I have to struggle to find where you put it (your community forum is not easy to use).  Can you at least provide a link to where this question was moved too?

@Laurent Ca...Please provide a link to where this was moved.  Searching in for this post brings me straight back here.  There is probably nothing there that will help me but until I see it 'It's not the despair I can't stand but the hope'!  Thank you.