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FOC+Hall question

Associate II

I use FOC+Hall sensor(STM32F030RE MCU, ihm08m1 power board, MC lib 5.3.2) and set default mode to torque mode(Iq = 15A, Id = 0). Motor nominal current is 15A

When I try to go uphill by this Ebike, the motor can not go uphill sucessfully.

How to improve? adjust PID(speed PID or/both current PID) or something else?

What is the difference among MC API MC_ProgramSpeedRampMotor1(), MC_ProgramTorqueRampMotor1(),


For "go uphill" scenario, which API I should use?


Laurent Ca...
Lead II

The question has been moved from the "Motor Control Hardware" section to the "STM32 Motor Control" section (the question is about the STM32 MC SDK). 

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A very interesting question!!!

I also could not find a good, understandable answer to the essential differences of the three methods mentioned.

Does the "MC_SetCurrentReference" method affect the other two?

To be honest, I am quite disappointed with the support quality of ST in the SMT32 Motor Control Forum... or have any of you guys ever received a useful answer from ST?

Associate III

I am agree with you. I had asked three question, but none sloved.