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B-G431GB-ESC1 can't run Motor Profiler

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Hi everyone, 

I want to simply use the B-G431GB-ESC1 evaluation board for making a model of my 3-phase brushless DC motor:


As for now I just want to flash the evaluation board with "Motor Profiling" firmware as described in the Motor Profiler documentation. I have followed all the steps in this startup-guide:

I'm using MotorControl Workbench 6.2.1 and am opening the Motor Profiler from there.
However, whether I'm using MotorProfiler or MotorPilot, I get the "over current" error, but no current except for the quiscent current is drawn from my PSU:


By reading the chapter "Firmware errors" here, I have no idea if this is applicable for me. All the parameters in the MotorControl Workbench are made from the choice of inverter board, so I can't see how this can go wrong? Also, in the startup guide it is described that one can pick whatever motor just to get through with flashing the MCU for motor profiling, so I have just chosen a random (of course, with the max specs as specified by the motor). 

Once lucky time I managed to get the motor spinning in the Motor Pilot for 4-5 seconds or so, controlling the speed from here. After this, I can still connect to the MCU, it measures the correct applied voltage and temperature from the app, but the "over current" error always shows up. Have I fried anything? The board never ran hotter than 40-50 degree celcius (max current of motor is 6.5 amps).

Can someone give me a hint on where to look? Somehow to check if the firmware only for motor profiling is running as it should?

Best regards,

ST Employee


Could you please check your pole pair setting value as in this post ?
In your case, It should be 4.

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Best regards.


I type in the values as follows (that is also, pole pair of 4):


Best regards, Daniel

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I also use this one the same way, often reporting errors

Associate II

Did you manage to get a motor profile out of it eventually?

Can you please share the way to succes then?

Really curious to hear if anyone have had this setup working.