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B-G431B-ESC1 kit issues profiling motors

Associate II

Hi ST,

I have tried unsuccessfully to profile two very distinctly different motors also with a broad range of settings.

From this post on the same topic, I understand there was an issue with a batch of boards which may have caused it. Despite examining the boards, I am unable to tell the revision number on them.

How can I tell what revision my boards are?

I have tried the 5.4.4 motor profiler (which I understand from the above post is faulty), the patched version of that profiler and 5.4.5, all without success.

The error I get most of the time is "... taking too long" just after 90%. I successfully get consistent albeit not necessarily accurate electrical parameters, but I fail to get output from the mechanical side of the testing.

I have also tried to take the electrical parameters and plug them into Motorware. I then generated the code for the default example for the B-G431B-ESC1 and compiled the software. Unfortunately, this consistently led to "speed feedback" erros on the Motorware console, which makes me believe that this may be caused by faulty hardware.

Is there perhaps something else I'm missing here?

Thank you for your assistance.

ST Employee


>> How can I tell what revision my boards are?

In theory, it is a letter marked on the STM32G4 chip itself, in the bottom right corner.

Associate II

Thanks Mike. It appears both my boards have one of the trouble-making revision Y chips.

I don't however understand why then the patch on the motor profiler 5.4.4 didn't work, or perhaps I misunderstood the impact that patch could have.

What can I do from here?

Will ST replace these boards with functional ones?

Is there another simple patch to make these boards function correctly?

Associate II

I have just sanity checked this by re-performing the patch and testing with two motors. Unfortunately, it still didn't work

ST Employee

No idea, maybe @DBE can help ?

In case you need other revision of the chip for testing, best way would be to contact sales office in your country.

Please check here :

Associate II

Ultimately I need a functional development kit to evaluate your products. Unfortunately, so far, I've been met with potentially faulty hardware (or perhaps just a HAL so unstable that the evaluation kit doesn't run on a later series of IC of the same part number), tools which do not perform the function prescribed to them and a lack documentation to assist in my debugging. So far, this doesn't fill me with confidence that ST will provide a smooth development cycle, stable software and consistent quality my application requires.

How can I proceed with a lengthy investment in development using STs products based on my current experience?

I'm in the same boat. Have you found an alternative solution?

Associate II

Yep, the Ti instaspin F20869M kit.

Laurent Ca...
Lead II

The question has been set only to the "STM32 Motor Control" topic (the question is only about the STM32 MC SDK). 

Best regards