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NanoEdge AI Studio 3.4 is out!

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of NanoEdge AI Studio is now available. This new version brings improvements in performance and support for STM32 boards, as well as new features to help users earlier in the creation of their machin...

Amel NASRI by Community manager
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X-CUBE-AI 8.1 is out!

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of STM32Cube.AI is now available.You can download it here. What is new in X-CUBE-AI 8.1.0? TensorFlow 2.12 and 2.12ONNX Runtime 1.15.0Host PC system: adding support for MacOS ARM systemInclu...

Amel NASRI by Community manager
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Error generating relocatable binary

Hello,So far I've been using NN C-files generation and everything works fine. At the moment I'm migrating to a relocatable binary model. At the moment I'm in generation step and for this I've basically added --relocatable and --lib "C:/tools/X-CUBE-A...

TVare.1 by Associate II
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How can I successfully run the Tensorflow lite speech recognition example project on the STM32F469 Discovery kit using mbed cli? Is there any other way to do it? Details below.

I have tried to follow the example in the following link to build and deploy the Google tensorflow lite micro speech recognition example on the STM32F469I Discovery board using mbed cli:

TSidd.2 by Associate
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Validation error on target

I need help. I am trying to validate on target : STM32L476RG nucleo board.E200(ValidationError): stm32: Unable to bind the STM AI runtime with "network" c-model: []  connection to "serial:COM4:115200"/"COM4:115200" run-time fails  E801(HwIOError): In...