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xQueueSemaphoreTake() hangs for ever

Associate II

Hi all,

I have a problem on my current design. My setup... .

I have a mqtt client connected to a broker. I use the lwip library together with freertos STMCube provides. So it's mainly default. I have one task for sending and receiving. Now all works for a long time. No problem. But for any reason it stalls after a while unpredictably and do not come back as usual. My task is in blocking mode and my work around for now is i placed a watchdog in that task which gets invoked. But that is not they way it should be. I need some hints where to look up in code or has any one a idee?

ST Employee


You need also to indicate the device you're using so community members can help you efficiently.

Check this semaphore: where/when it is released and where/when it is taken. It could be you are in deadlock situation.

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