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What Nucleo board supports 2x USB OTG and is comparable to F103XX?


I was going to start a project based on the F103XX but then I found out that the MCU doesn't support USB OTG. I will need two simultaneous OTG ports. One host and one device.

I am having a hard time figuring out what Nucleo board to get. The processor should be similar to the F103XX, because that one had sufficient specs.

Apparently the 105/7xx , 2xx, 21x, 4xx and 41x are capable of USB OTG according to this library. So I am guessing the 105xx would be close, but there seem to be no Nucleo boards available with those MCUs. Also I doubt if that list is still complete or maybe there are other MCU's by now that also support OTG.

What board would be suitable for 2x USB OTG that comes close to the F103XX?

Alex R

It is not cleat what you mean by "two simultaneous OTG ports.One Host and one device".

In any case, the STM32 devices with OTG support appear to have the option to be host OR device, but not both at the same time.

You may need a different chip, like this one:


EZ-OTG™ Programmable USB

On-The-Go Host/Peripheral Controller


No Nucleo board has 2 USB connectors connected directly to the target STM32.

Only some discovery would have dual USB for target MCU. One such MCU would be STM32F723 with one FS USB and one HS USB within the chipset.