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Alihussain Vohra
Associate III

I am using stm32f072rb discovery board. I am connecting memory card using SPI. I want to use USB MSC and want to see the SDCard data on PC. How can I do that? I used the USB_MSC_Standalone example but not working. I am attaching the code. The disk is not showing on windows but usb device is showing mass storage in device manager.

@Community member​ 

Alihussain Vohra
Associate III

Now I am able to detect SD card on my android phone but not able to read on windows10. The speed of data transfer is very slow. How can I increase the speed of transfer?

SPI is likely to be quite slow, should be able to clock microsd cards between 25 to 50 MHz.

Larger sector count transfers will be more efficient.

There might be a MSC MEDIA PACKET SIZE define, plus you dont have a lot of RAM to buffer.

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Thanks @Community member​ . I will update SPI to maximum clock to 24MHz and check. I have updated MSC MEDIA PACKET to 8kb but no effect is seen on Speed of transfer. Do you have any idea about why it is not detecting on windows10?