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stm32g431 works only after a restart


Hello STM community,

I'm encountering a rather peculiar issue in my project. I'm attempting to send and receive data from a Simulink model using the Simulink Desktop Real-Time packet input-output blocks. I'm employing UDP communication with the W5500 Ethernet module. While the data transmission and reception function flawlessly, I'm encountering a problem: if I stop the Simulink module and then restart it, it fails to receive or send any data until I restart the STM32.

Any insights or suggestions on resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance


ST Employee

Hello @SELMA ,

I think that after reset the external Ethernet module is desynchronizing with the SPI interface of the MCU so maybe you can try a first test reinitializing the SPI interface after a restart in the Simulink module and see if it resolves the issue. 
you need to have a look at the documentation of your module in this link section 2.2 SPI Frame to get more in-depth information about the SPI config needed.




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