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STM32CubeFunctionPack_MOTENV1 error : Error: hci_le_set_scan_response_data [ff]


Hello ,

I amusing the Function pack for sensors(IKS01A3) and BLE (BlueNRG2A1) on STM32L476RG but I am constantly getting the below error :

Error: hci_le_set_scan_response_data [ff]

Full log :

UART Initialized

STMicroelectronics FP-SNS-MOTENV1:

    Version 4.2.0

    STM32L476RG-Nucleo board

Code compiled for X-NUCLEO-IKS01A3 board

    OK Accelero Sensor

    OK Gyroscope Sensor

    OK Magneto Sensor

    OK Temperature and Humidity  (Sensor1)

    OK Temperature and Pressure  (Sensor2)

    Enabled Accelero Sensor

    Enabled Gyroscope Sensor

    Enabled Magneto Sensor

    Enabled Temperature  (Sensor1)

    Enabled Humidity    (Sensor1)

    Enabled Temperature  (Sensor2)

    Enabled Pressure    (Sensor2)

Meta Data Manager read from Flash

Meta Data Manager version=1.5.1

    Generic Meta Data found:

         MAG_CALIBRATION Size=24 [bytes]

         NODE_NAME Size=8 [bytes]

    (HAL 1.13.0_0)

    Compiled Aug 1 2022 09:25:38 (IAR)

    Send Every 30mS 3 Short precision Quaternions

    Send Every 500mS Temperature/Humidity/Pressure

    Send Every 50mS Acc/Gyro/Magneto

Debug Connection    Enabled

Debug Notify Trasmission Enabled

Reading Random BD_ADDR failed

Testing BootLoaderCompliance:

    Version 2.0.0

    BL Version Ok

    MagicNum  OK

    MaxSize =7c000

    OTAStartAdd OK

    OTADoneAdd OK

BootLoader Compliant with FOTA procedure

Initialized ST MotionFX v2.6.1

Magneto Calibration Not present

Initialized ST MotionAR v3.2.1

Initialized ST MotionCP v2.2.1

Initialized ST MotionGR v2.2.1

Initialized ST MotionPM v2.4.1

Initialized ST MotionID v2.4.1

Error: hci_le_set_scan_response_data [ff]

I have recently updated the DTM on the BlueNRG1 using St Link and BlueNRG ST LINK Utility .

I am following this :

Section 2.1 and I have flashd this : en.BlueNRGM2SA_M2SP_DTM_Stack_v2_1c\BlueNRGM2SA_M2SP_DTM_Stack_v2.1c\BLUENRGM2SP_32MHz_RO_SMPS_off\SPI\BLUENRG-M2SP_DTM_SPI.hex