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Ethernet issue after power cycling of STM32H723ZG

Associate II

I'm having the same problem with STM32H723ZG, with our own board, Ethernet can only be connected after using ST link to download the code (either by "debug" or "run"). After power cycle the board, it won't connect anymore, reset button didn't help.  I tried your change to uncomment out "#define DATA_IN_D2_SRAM"

and it didn't help either. Checking LWIP echo servo example, it also has "#define DATA_IN_D2_SRAM"

commented out but okay to connect after power up with Nucleo STM32H723ZG Eval board. But running the same

example code on our board, it works after download but not after power up.

I'm using Hal driver FW1.11.1.. How do you make memory dump using Cube programmer? The ST link utility doesn't

work with this H7 chip. Anything else I should check?

Thank you.





Hi @STea ,

So far we're using the above two changes I mentioned made to the board as the solution. 

Have you looked at the scope shot and ST app note and see if our changes are correct?