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Enabling HTTPd breaks the whole project

Associate II

Hi, I'm playing around with lwIP on my Nucleo-H743ZI and I was able to make ping work, udp/tcp echo and snmp too. But when I enable HTTPd the project doesn't wont do compile I just get a lot of undefined references, I tried to make a new project and same thing happened. This are the compiler error messages that I get:

Core/Src/main.c:113: undefined reference to `httpd_init' 

LWIP/App/lwip.o: in function `MX_LWIP_Init':
LWIP/App/lwip.c:80: undefined reference to `lwip_init'
LWIP/App/lwip.c:88: undefined reference to `netif_add'
LWIP/App/lwip.c:91: undefined reference to `netif_set_default'
LWIP/App/lwip.c:96: undefined reference to `netif_set_up'
LWIP/App/lwip.c:101: undefined reference to `netif_set_down'
LWIP/App/lwip.c:105: undefined reference to `netif_set_link_callback'
LWIP/App/lwip.c:112: undefined reference to `ethernet_input'
LWIP/App/lwip.c:161: undefined reference to `sys_check_timeouts'
LWIP/Target/ethernetif.c:202: undefined reference to `memp_init_pool'
LWIP/Target/ethernetif.c:348: undefined reference to `pbuf_free'
LWIP/Target/ethernetif.c:431: undefined reference to `etharp_output'
LWIP/Target/ethernetif.c:441: undefined reference to `memp_free_pool'
LWIP/Target/ethernetif.c:660: undefined reference to `netif_set_down'
LWIP/Target/ethernetif.c:661: undefined reference to `netif_set_link_down'
LWIP/Target/ethernetif.c:699: undefined reference to `netif_set_up'
LWIP/Target/ethernetif.c:700: undefined reference to `netif_set_link_up'
LWIP/Target/ethernetif.c:709: undefined reference to `memp_malloc_pool'
LWIP/Target/ethernetif.c:718: undefined reference to `pbuf_alloced_custom'

I did include httpd.h in main and I try manually including other libs but it didn't help. When disable http it compiles normally.

I'm new to this so any advice will be helpful. 

Thanks in advance


Associate II

HI everybody, have exactly the same problem on STM32CubeIDE v1.13.1 and MCU package for STMH7 v 1.11.1. I develop for nucleo-h743ZI board. Example LwIP_HTTP_Server_Raw compile and works with mods of pin connection for ethernet phy 

I expect one of us have solution 🙂

Pavel A.
Evangelist II

 I was able to make ping work, udp/tcp echo and snmp too.

This is super cool, congrats!

when I enable HTTPd 

What exactly does this mean? Where do you enable it?

look at joined screen capture to see  the meaning of "httpd activation" in the tab with the same name 

ST Employee

Hi @xavier.clement87 

Simply generating a project using STM32CubeMX with HTTPd activated doesn't seem to present an issue.

Could you please share details about the version of STM32CubeMX you're using and the IDE you compile with ? (IAR, STM32CubeIDE, Keil, ..).

If possible to share a simple STM32CubeMX project ( .ioc) that reproduce the issue, it would help.


Associate II


I compile the joined example with STM32CubeIDE V 1.13.1 and STM32CubeH7 Firmware Package V1.11.0 / 04-Nov-2022.

With httpd disabled in lwip settings (in ioc window) all compile and televerse correctly, ping to the address fixed ( is OK.

When httpd enabled -> compilation error like Abeslic described in his post

Best regards

Lead III

I remember that I had similar problems, it took some time to sort the includes for the header files.
But I can't remember what I exactly did...

Hi @Pavel A. 

sorry for not replying sooner.

I figured out what was the problem, when I enable HTTPd the IDE excludes the hole lwIP lib from the build, I just had to manually unexcluded and it worked like charm. 

Hi @xavier.clement87 

Try manually to unexclud lwIP lib from the build.


Hi abeslic,

I am bashing me head against the wall with this same issue. However I cannot see where lwIP lib is getting excluded from the build. (I am still new to STM32Cube - so probably missing something obvious).

Can you provide more detail on how to unexclude from the build?