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USB Detection to Reprogram Nucleo Board

Associate II


I have programmed a Nucleo-L476RG with the Blinking LED example. Until there is all fine.

Now, I want to load a new program on the board. Windows Explorer and ST-Link do not detect the board and cannot load a new program on the board.

I bought the same board again. It is detected immediately by Windows Explorer and the ST-LinkNode.PNG

I see one visual difference between the two boards: The LD1 in the "non-detected" board is permanently green while the LD1 in the detected board is permanently red.

Could you give me advise have to bring the board to a state where I could load a new program again?

Thank in advance. 

ST Employee


Try to connect (under reset) to the board with the STM32CubeProgrammer, and to erase the MCU to check if it is the Blinking LED example that makes troubles.

STM32CubeProgramer do not detect the board.