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Target no device found using STLINK-V3MODS


Hello. I have a Nucleo-G474 and I want to bypass the onboard STLINK-V3 programmer and use an external programmer module (STLINK-V3MODS). I have the proper connectors and ribbon cables to connect to the MIP10 connectors. 
The program sees that the device does have 3.3 volts and it does see the STLINK-V3MODS module. However it does not see the target. Below is the message.

I've tried all sorts of things, like moving jumpers around to disable the onboard ST-Link. I removed some of the 47 ohm resistors that could interfere with the external programmer. I can't find any information on how to use an external programmer with the Nucelo-G474 board. 

The reason for this exercise is that I am not going to use an onboard ST-Link programmer in my application. I need to use an external programmer and I want to ensure that I have a working design to do this with. 

Thank you, Richard V



Message from STM32CubeIDE:

STMicroelectronics ST-LINK GDB server. Version 7.5.0

Copyright (c) 2023, STMicroelectronics. All rights reserved.


Starting server with the following options:

Persistent Mode : Disabled

Logging Level : 1

Listen Port Number : 61234

Status Refresh Delay : 15s

Verbose Mode : Disabled

SWD Debug : Enabled

InitWhile : Enabled


Target no device found


Error in initializing ST-LINK device.

Reason: No device found on target.

ST Employee


I think it should work without removing any 47ohms resistors, only JP1 should be closed to keep the onboard ST-Link at a reset state.

Just to be sure this is not a STM32CubeIDE settings problem, maybe you could try to connect with the STM32CubeProgrammer ?

As long as at least the SWDIO / SWDCK / T_VCC / GND pins are connected, I think that should work.