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STM32F427VIT6 flash mode

Associate II



I have a custom PCB with STM32F427VIT6. 

Been reading and learning a lot about MCU's in general. I'm very new to all of this so please bare with me.

When PCB is connected to the PC via usb, it shows up as HID device (it emulates gamepad/controller).

I'll assume it has a custom bootloader and firmware


The PCB comes with a custom .exe for flashing directly via USB. It also comes with a custom dump .exe

PCB comes with 1 USB-C (act as UART maybe?)

The custom .exe can be flashed via USB after I put it in DFU mode I presume? (I hold the boot button, it flashes a specific color to allow the flashing). I can click on flash, restore, or even backup basic configs. once I unplug, plug back in, it becomes operational. The way I put it in flash mode is by having the PCB off, keep ressing boot button then pluggin the USB.

I would like to retrieve the firmware/bootloader so I can test it in another board. I tried STM32Cube, ST flash, and many others, but it doesn't seem to recognize any connectivity.

Any help or guidance would be appreciate.