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ST-Link on 32L0538DISCOVERY doesn't connect to PC

Associate II


i have bought 3 pcs of STM32L053 Discovery kits and the user USB is working fine with preload demo, but the ST-LINK USB connects to PC as USB Composite Device even if i have download and install the last ST-Link drivers from I have tried different ports, different cables, also tried reboot computer, reinstall drivers and unfortunatelly nothing helps. Tried all 3 boards and all behave the same.

Other Nucleos (F401, L452, ...) and Discovery boards (L152) are working properly and without any problems.

I kinda desprate.

Thanks for help.


Principal III

I have no specific advice, but composite device is nothing bad. When using USB Device Tree Viewer with a working board/driver one gets a composite device with 3 child devices:

  • ST-Link Debug (STMicroelectronics STLink dongle)
  • USB-Mass Storage Device
  • STMicroelectronics STLink Virtual COM Port

Do the USB VID/PID differ?



Associate II

I get only USB composite device with yellow triangle and no other device appears. ST-Link utility does not see the ST-Link etc.

Uwe Bonnes
Principal II

Check different cables, check on different ports, check on different PCs.

Associate II

@Uwe Bonnes​  I have already tried different cables, ports and computers. Nothing helped. :\

ST Employee

Hello @Toximik​ and welcome to the Community 🙂

Check that the setup of the jumper is correct.

Try to follow this FAQ: USB device not recognized

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Hi @Imen DAHMEN​,

Setup of jumpers is correct and I don't thing, that any jumper on STM32L053 board have any impact on link between ST-Link and computer.

FAQ is not related to my problem, because I don't have problem with my program, but with the program inside ST-Link chip (STM32F103xx), which doesn't connect to the PC.