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Incorrect pin assignment for morpho connector on Nucleo-H743ZI2?

Associate II


I am wondering about an apparent discrepancy in documentation of the pin outs for the Nucleo-H743ZI2 board:

  1. The "user manual" for the Nucleo-144 boards, on page 7 has in a footnote that H743ZI has been replaced by the H743ZI2. (Link:
  2. In the same manual, the extension pin outs for H743ZI are given on page 32. It is not made clear in this document that the pins outs have actually changed.
  3. How do I know this? Because, on purchasing a Nucleo-144 STM32H743 board (with the H743ZI2) I see different extension pin connections for connector 7 (e.g. CN7 - pin 12) specifically.
  4. Why has the documentation not been updated to reflect this?

Maybe I'm looking at the wrong user manual? Maybe the documentation needs updating to stop people wasting time trying to figure out why things don't work as they should.

Best regards,



Hi Mike,

Yup, thanks you are correct; the pin outs in the provided user manual match.

Can you let me know what is the meaning of the MB1364 label? (This label is tucked away on the back of the actual board, and absent from the packaging text which directs me to:

I've wasted a bit of time looking at the wrong user manual, and would like to understand how to avoid this in future.

Thanks again,


ST Employee

Hello Nat,

MB1364 is the name of the PCB, followed by a revision number like B02.

Usually, we only make one PCB for one MCU, so user shouldn't care too much about the MB number.

But, in that case, we upgraded the ST-LINK to V3, in place of V2 on MB1137, introduced board compatibility with other chips like H7A3, and maybe 1.8V support, which needed PCB redesign and a new MB number.

Have a nice day.