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How can we choose a Nucleo board when MCU properties like RAM & Flash aren't shown?

Associate II

Hi all,

My first post to ST forums.

I'm trying to choose a Nucleo board, and the normal selector table doesn't show any MCU properties.

I've had to download MCU and nucleo product selections as spread sheets and manually copy and paste.

This is really frustrating, and I'm sure ST didn't make that mistake of not having that data to compare their own dev boards by MCU properties.

What am I missing?




It's in the product selector in CubeMX. Sort by board.




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ST Employee

Hello @FisherG , 

Thank you for posting!

Which board selector ( , CubeMX , ,,, ) ?


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Associate II

Hi @Foued_KH ,

Thanks for specifying, I didn't realise that one can use the IDE to help with choice.

I've not installed it yet, am only looking to compare boards at the moment before I choose the architecture etc.

This was, if you choose the page that displays all Nucleo boards, (32, 64 & 144), the only chip related information is the model number, everything else is mostly blank.

The only useful thing I can currently do it select between the "tool" 32, 64 or 144 Nucleo family.

I've exported the whole table as a spreadsheet to try and then paste in an exported table from the Mainstream & Performance MCUs.

Whilst I'll be interested in other chip features (serial busses, analogue, timers etc), I first want to see flash & RAM....within 5 or 10 mins of looking at the product selector....which many other companies do for you.

Also, the page for each Nucleo device doesn't even have a link to the MCU, it just mentions the part number, then a generic set of text that is the same for all, and I have to manually open another tab, then search that MCU part link, no datasheet etc for it.

Thanks @TDK ,

I've not installed the Cube IDE yet, just wanted to see the online product selector to decide if I'd like to use STM32....and was difficult to even check which board has what MCU features to match requirements.

I'll keep in mind that I can do that, as I didn't.

@Foued_KH , it might be a good idea on all your product selector pages to mention that one can also use the CUBE IDE for this.

Also @Foued_KH , it would be really nice for the exported spreadsheet (from the product selector page) for all products (MCU, dev boards & other parts) to have row header drop down boxes to sort components/boards by properties within the spreadsheet.

My reasoning is that there are engineers like myself who gather spreadsheets from different company sites, and we need to compare parts to requirements.  If this is built into the spreadsheet, it's a lot easier to know what the company offers and a lot quicker, and to email our colleagues with the spreadsheet holding the specific information etc.

ST Employee

Hello @FisherG , 

I reported this issue internally and I will get back to you with more details as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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ST Employee

Hi @FisherG,

May I ask you why you are first browsing the Nucleo board and not the MCU portfolio?

I would recommend to search for the MCU compatible with your requirements (Flash size, RAM size, peripherals set, ...) and then to review which Nucleo board is available to evaluate or start developing with the identified MCU. This should answer to your needs without having to mix data coming from the different product selectors.

Best Regards,


Hi @Thierry GUILHOT ,

Yes, I would start from the MCU first, need it on a dev board to evaluate it......

So, I assumed I should first look up the available dev boards......and then I stopped because you can essentially only know what MCU and header pinout it has.....

So, I posted here because I assumed there should be an easier way.

I only learnt here that one can install CUBEMX to look, which has helped, but I find this really strange that it's not easy to find out this simple comparison information.

Not every MCU has an available dev board, you have to look through the dev board options, compare MCU peripherals with what you're looking for, then make a few choices.

If you can't even see anything about the MCU on it without going to each separate MCU page & checking the datasheet, it makes you feel you're back in the 1990s sadly.....

I assumed it can't be that bad with such a large company, so that's why I posted here to ask.