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Board to connect webcam and output through HDMI?

Associate II

Hello people.

I just worked on a audio processing project with am STM32F407 discovery board. And everything went fine.

But now I'm looking to work with a board that allows to connect a usb webcam and stream it to 2 monitors through HDMI (I assume this might work better with an MPU rather than an MCU. Since I need the best processing possible on this project.)

The thing is, I have no idea how to pick the right board for this... I don't want to order a bunch of boards and test one by one. I will rather ask to the community for suggestions.

I'd like to mention I'll need the board to have OTG usb, to use it as a host for storing screenshots.


Andrew Neil
Evangelist III

@Lalo91 wrote:

I assume this might work better with an MPU rather than an MCU. 


And, if you're looking for HDMI, probably an SBC rather than a bare MPU.

I'd be looking at something like a Raspberry Pi for this ...

ST's MPU range is here:


Hello, thanks for your reply back...

I can't fall into SBC's once again, and even less if its por commercial. At first, I built this project in an RPi4 and then migrated it to an Nvidia board... I can't explain enough how much I dislike sbc, since now on, I will work on bare mcu/mpu which at the end is the way to go (harder, but it is), and more if its for commercial.


Thanks! I check out the link you provided. I hope to get a "easy" to code board. I wouldn't like to built a library from scratch just you read a webcam and output through hadmi. And actually, not necessarily it needs to be a webcam, I could also look at bare camera modules and connect them directly to gpio.