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STGIB20M60TS-L Heating


Hi there!

I'm using the STM32G474E-EVAL to drive the STEVAL-IPM20B (eval board for the STGIB20M60TS-L). I'm running my motor (SM3L-084A) at 380V. Note, I've checked with the vendor about running the motor at higher voltage than quoted and there should be no problem. Drive configuration is sensored FOC using a 2048CPR magnetic encoder. The only modifications I've made to the eval board is adding a 150uF bulk capacitor.


In early evaluation, it seems that the STGIB20M60TS-L increases in temperature far faster than I expected. In the following test conditions (after configuration with the MotorControl Workbench using the eval kit setup)

PWM = 16KHz

I_motor = 3A

V_bus = 380V

Motor stalled, pulling on load cell

The driver case temperature goes from 25C to 80C in 20 seconds. I'm measuring case temperature with a thermocouple, not using the built in die temperature sensor. Also, I'm not presently heatsinking the case since I wanted an early evaluation first (one is in the mail). Since the datasheet of the STGIB20M60TS-L doesn't reflect switching energy or saturation voltages at such low current, it seems like the best way to predict power loss in this state is to measure case and die temperature and back calculate.

However, the main question is, why is it heating up so significantly in such a seemingly benign operating condition? Is there a workbench setting I overlooked? Is this expected behavior? Are there additional configuration details that would be helpful for evaluation?


Thank you!