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Battery monitoring and balancing with EVAL-L9963E-MCU


Hi everybody, 

I´m developing a test rack for battery cells with a total number of 14 cells. Therefor i´d like to use the EVAL-L9963E-MCU board. Unfortunately i´ve got some questions i couldn´t solve using the documentation. 

According to the documentation the maximum voltage for the chip is 60V but in the documentation for the board only 48V systems are mentioned? 

According to the chip documentation it is capable of passive balancing but i couldn´t find anything in the board documentation? 

There is one Port for current measurement. Is it for a current sensor or can i plug it directly to the current? 

Can one temperature measurement port be used as a second Current measurement port?

Is there any way to adapt the GUI to my personal needs? 


I hope im at the right location for these questions. 
Thanks for your help


Christian N
ST Employee

Hi Michael312, 

Your inquiry was escalated to the online support team for prioritized support.  In the future, to save time, please do not hesitate to submit a ticket directly to the online support team at

Kind Regards,
ST Support