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Sending large amount of data with USB

Associate III

I'm currently facing a big problem. I've an MCU (STM32L4) connected to an SD card (SDIO) which stores tons of data (5Gb) from a microphone (ST MEMS). I need to send this data as fast as possible from SD card to my PC. With a serial port this is to slow, since the max baud rate of my MCU is 115kb/s.

How can I solve this? I'm thinking about using an FTDI module but for what I'm reading the speed is always limited by MCU baud rate. Best Regards


You did not tell us exactly which STM32 you use, but generally, on 'L4, there's only Full Speed USB.


There are example programs in the CubeMX repository. Here are a few of them:

JW makes a good points below about USB speed limitations.

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