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Read lsm6dsv16x fifo using interrupts, only triggers if I remove wire from pin and put back

Associate II

Hey everyone,

I am new to the lsm6dsv16x sensor and I would like to set it up to read the full fifo as an interrupt vs polling due to speed.

I am following the example from github setting up my gpio as an external event for interrupt int1.

But I am having an issue where the interrupt does not trigger unless I remove and put back the wire from the pin on the dev board. And only reads one or two times unless I remove the wire and put it back on the gpio. Any idea why this is happening? 

I am not sure why this is happening. I checked the pin and it is low without the imu interrupt pin, and it stays high with the interrupt pin connected. 
Not sure if I need pull ups or pull downs on the interrupt pin. 
Also, Do I need to  wake up the accelerometer when I need it? or can it stay on at all times?  



void accelerometerInit()
dev_ctx.write_reg = platform_write_two;
	 dev_ctx.read_reg = platform_read_two;
	 dev_ctx.handle = &hspi1;

	 lsm6dsv16x_device_id_get(&dev_ctx, &whoamI);

	  if (whoamI != LSM6DSV16X_ID)
	    while (1);

  /* Restore default configuration */
	lsm6dsv16x_reset_set(&dev_ctx, LSM6DSV16X_RESTORE_CTRL_REGS);
	do {
	  lsm6dsv16x_reset_get(&dev_ctx, &rst);
	} while (rst != LSM6DSV16X_READY);

	  /* Enable Block Data Update */
	  lsm6dsv16x_block_data_update_set(&dev_ctx, PROPERTY_ENABLE);
	  /* Set full scale */
	  lsm6dsv16x_xl_full_scale_set(&dev_ctx, LSM6DSV16X_2g);
	  //lsm6dsv16x_gy_full_scale_set(&dev_ctx, LSM6DSV16X_2000dps);
	   * Set FIFO watermark (number of unread sensor data TAG + 6 bytes
	   * stored in FIFO) to FIFO_WATERMARK samples
	  lsm6dsv16x_fifo_watermark_set(&dev_ctx, FIFO_WATERMARK);
	  /* Set FIFO batch XL/Gyro ODR to 12.5Hz */
	  lsm6dsv16x_fifo_xl_batch_set(&dev_ctx, LSM6DSV16X_XL_BATCHED_AT_3840Hz);
	  /* Set FIFO mode to Stream mode (aka Continuous Mode) */
	  lsm6dsv16x_fifo_mode_set(&dev_ctx, LSM6DSV16X_STREAM_MODE);

	  /* Set Output Data Rate */
	  pin_int.fifo_full= PROPERTY_ENABLE;
	  lsm6dsv16x_pin_int1_route_set(&dev_ctx, &pin_int);
	  lsm6dsv16x_xl_data_rate_set(&dev_ctx, LSM6DSV16X_ODR_AT_3840Hz);
	  //lsm6dsv16x_fifo_timestamp_batch_set(&dev_ctx, LSM6DSV16X_TMSTMP_DEC_8);
	  lsm6dsv16x_timestamp_set(&dev_ctx, PROPERTY_DISABLE);
void HAL_GPIO_EXTI_Callback(uint16_t GPIO_Pin)
	  if(GPIO_Pin == Interrupt_From_VibrSensor_1_Pin)

void getAccelerometerData(){
	int i = 0;
	int j = 0;
	uint16_t num = 0;
    lsm6dsv16x_fifo_status_get(&dev_ctx, &fifo_status);
    if (fifo_status.fifo_th == 1) {
		num = fifo_status.fifo_level;
		sprintf((char *)tx_buffer, "-- FIFO num %d \r\n", num);
		tx_com(tx_buffer, strlen((char const *)tx_buffer));
		if (fifo_status.fifo_th == 1) {
			  num = fifo_status.fifo_level;
			  sprintf((char *)tx_buffer, "-- FIFO num %d \r\n", num);
			  tx_com(tx_buffer, strlen((char const *)tx_buffer));

			  while (num--) {
				lsm6dsv16x_fifo_out_raw_t f_data;

				/* Read FIFO sensor value */
				lsm6dsv16x_fifo_out_raw_get(&dev_ctx, &f_data);
				datax = (int16_t *)&[0];
				datay = (int16_t *)&[2];
				dataz = (int16_t *)&[4];
				ts = (int32_t *)&[0];

				switch (f_data.tag) {
				case LSM6DSV16X_XL_NC_TAG:
				  sprintf((char *)tx_buffer, "ACC [mg]:\t%4.2f\t%4.2f\t%4.2f\r\n",
				  tx_com(tx_buffer, strlen((char const *)tx_buffer));
				/*case LSM6DSV16X_GY_NC_TAG:
				  sprintf((char *)tx_buffer, "GYR [mdps]:\t%4.2f\t%4.2f\t%4.2f\r\n",
				  tx_com(tx_buffer, strlen((char const *)tx_buffer));
			//	  sprintf((char *)tx_buffer, "TIMESTAMP [ms] %d\r\n", *ts);
				//  tx_com(tx_buffer, strlen((char const *)tx_buffer));





Karl Yamashita
Lead II

Isn't the lsm6dsv16x interrupt active low? I haven't looked at the data sheet for the lsm6dsv16x so I don't know if it's a open collector output? If it is which is more than likely, you'll need a pull-up on the interrupt pin. But also you need to change the GPIO mode to falling edge.

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Associate II

So I looked at the datasheet of the sensor and the sensor is by default push pull. 

Push-pull/open-drain selection on INT1 and INT2 pins. Default value: 0
(0: push-pull mode;
1: open-drain mode)

I  set up according to @Karl Yamashita and still see the same issue.