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memsmic1 on P-Nucleo-WB55

Associate III



I am trying to use the MEMSMIC1 example on my nucleo-wb55 board, specifically the microphones streaming exampe to record sounds with audacity. I am able to compile and run the code. I am also able to see the microphone show up in the device manager, and can select it from recording options in audacity, but it does not detect any sound.

Could there be a reason for this other than an issue with the microphones? I have already tried two different microphones and both dont record although they are recognised by the computer

ST Employee

Hello @greenthumb

Did you ensure that the microphones are properly connected to the Nucleo-WB55 board ? Try connecting it to another device to ensure it's working properly.

I've tested the example with X-NUCLEO-CCA02M2 sense and it works fine. You can refer to UM1901 it guides you.

Best Regards.


thank you for replying. I have managed to assemble and receive audio correctly. I do have another question. Do you think the MEMSMIC1 example is easily adaptable to add a 5th and 6th to the code? I cant find the file where the gpio pin assignment is done to configure this. I think its a shame that the wb55 can manage up to 6 pdm microphones via pdm interface but the example only handles 4 microphones