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Hi Team, I want to learn the i2c features and functions while using STM32F4 Discovery kit based on STM32F411VE and communication with LSM303DLHC. I want to know if there is any deault register selected in LSM303DLHC when no register value is mentioned.

Associate II

In this for the i2c communication I am planning to use LSM303DLHC for undersatnding the i2c communication and the protocols. I want to learn more about the driver API like i2c_init(), i2c_read(), i2c_read_with_no_register etc..

Kindly suggest me a way to learn about the above mentioned functions. I don't have much experience using the boards.

Your help will be really appretiated if I can learn about the API for the different functions, develope test code for each (test automation).

Please let me know in case of any concern.

Thank you in advance.


Irine C Jose