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can iNEMO M1 work with Nucleo board programming?

niccolò ruffini

Posted on January 19, 2018 at 11:22

hi everyone,

i'm trying to debug my program on the iNEMO M1 but when i press the reset button to start the program the iNEMO is disconnected from the debugger and i can't talk to it anymore, so i can't see where the problem is.

hardware situation:

i'm using the iNEMO M1 mounted on a home-made board, programmed by the STlink of a nucleo stm32f0 discovery.

Vdd is supplied by the USB of nucleo.

the reset button used is the one of nucleo, linked through the board.

software situation:

cubeMX is used to set the iNEMO configuration.

TrueStudio is used to program the iNEMO.

working aspects:

the simple programs i wrote worked just fine (toggle led with timer countdown, external button inputs or delay functions)

when i ask for the accelerometer data it does not work, but maybe the problem is in the code.

the problem is that when i compile and then start the program pressing the reset button, the program starts and works (the simple ones), but the console of truestudio starts writing 'Target is not responding, retrying...' continuously and i can't watch how registers and variables change.

What should i do to let the nemo connect properly while the program is running?

am i missing something really dumb?