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What is the function of hci_notify_asynch_evt since it has no user code / can't find in documentation

Associate III

I'm trying to use X-NUCLEO-IDB05A2 on an Nucleo64 STM32L476 board.

I want is to initialize the IDB05A2 and pair it with smartphone(s) to detect if any of these paired phone(s) is in range or not (so the phone(s) should acts as paired beacon(s) / there is no need for a specific application to run). I also tried to use some of the ST demo applications, but this didn't resolve the issue or new problems popped up: the documentation lacks info required to find a solution. If docs "refer to the bluetooth specification" that violates the ST statement one can start developing BLE applications without deeper knowledge of the BLE spec.

I use Cube IDE Version: 1.12.1 Build: 16088_20230420_1057 (UTC). BLE is configured as below. The BlueNRG init stalls similar to But the SPI bus is not locked at that time (so the solution to delay the ISR has no effect). The SPI bus is configured as mentioned in the datasheets (8bit; 6.5MBits/s etc).

Unclear to me is what this function is expected to do? I would expect if I select SPI1 in the settling the code provided by ST already communicate with the BLE modem. But all this is quite unclear from the docs (reverse engineer the existing code also requires a lot of time).

  • How to init the IDB05A2 without any application?
  • How to pair a phone with the IDB05A2?