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RTC: Oscillator Fail detection.


Hi All,

I am currently using your RTC: M41T81M6F and I am evaluating to add, as additional homologation, your RTC: M41T81SM6F.

I have seen that the “new” one has additional features such as oscillator Fail detection and Battery Low detection, however our Gol would be NOT to change the application FW (leaving out the additional features of the M41T81SM6F)

Regarding this I have some questions:

Looking to “Oscillator fail detection” paragraph of the “new” one looks like that, upon an “oscillator fail” (OF) a specific sequence it is needed to restart the Oscillator (of course the “old” one i do not have such a need). Now:

  • Does it mean that the “old” one can recover (somehow) by itself and the “new” one cannot?
  • Are there different failure mode between the “old” and “new” oscillator circuits?
  • Are there any migration guide to help in understanding what we have to look in our FW to avoid regressions?

Thanks in advance.