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Login issue

Senior III

Still i have to enter again all my login details to get into this forum!

Also the "remember me" function does not work. After a wrong password i have to enter my email again!

This is so annoying!

Can we expect this to be fixxed?

Community manager
Community manager

Hello @Tobe , 

Thanks for letting us know about it. To better understand the situation and troubleshoot, please answer: 

  • Does this problem occur on all browsers/devices you use or just a particular one? 


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On all.

The issue still exists.

What Browser and Extensions are you running?

Logs in fine here on multiple systems running Chrome, PCs and Phone

The CubeMX log-in is a pain and that doesn't remember the user/password or "remember me" option, but that's another matter.

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Same re-login isssues with me with FFox. This confusing login hangup is probably the reason my case was never replied as some details on the profile page were missing. All I get is earned badges, an utter time waste just to clog up the email in-box. Basic case replies simply isn´t happening.

Senior III

I deleted the cookies, and tried again.

A tiny improvement: the "remember login" setting is now remembered...

Senior III

I had to reset my password, because i forgot it, and it is still not remembering.



It works on Opera mobile.

You gotta be sh*** me: ( see picture )

Still not working!