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Copy/pasting top lines of post pulls also title and avatar into clipboard

When in post I highlight top line (or few top lines) usually by dragging from right to left (this may be important), and then copy to clipboard using Ctrl-C, clipboard contains also items above the text of the post, i.e. timestampt, title and avatar, even if they were not highlighted.

For example, here, only one line of text is highlighted:




yet copy/pasting results in :






‎2024-02-16 06:42 PM

> The UART->RDR is 16-bit wide, which can be exploited to indicate what in the buffer is dirty vs clean.



Win10, FF115.7.0.



Hi @waclawek.jan ,

Unfortunately, I was unable to replicate this. Can you please try updating your browser to the latest version, and use it in Troubleshooting Mode to see if the same issue occurs?



Andrew Neil
Evangelist III

I find this is always a problem with copying from websites in general - you have to be really carefully to avoid selecting unwanted "rubric" stuff ...


> Unfortunately, I was unable to replicate this.

Did you drag using mouse from right to left to and including the very first character of the text of the given post (i.e. in this post, the '>')?



PS. I've experimented, and it's not consistent if you just stick to the text, sometimes it happens and sometimes not. But what appears to make it consistent is to drag further up to deliberately include the date and avatar and then without releasing the mouse button drag back, so that only the text is selected, but still including the very first character.

You can achieve the problem similarly consistently, if you end up the drag slightly above the text, but not too far high so that the date never highlights.

I've reported originally from a different computer where I use FF on ESR cycle, where 115.7.0 *was* the current version at the moment when I've reported it.

Now I am writing from a different PC with Win10 FF123.0 where the problem exists too.



> you have to be really carefull to avoid selecting unwanted "rubric" stuff ...

Here, care does not help, as it copies stuff which is not highlighted. That's the gist of my bug report.

If other websites do the same (i.e. copy unselected items), then it's a bug in the heaps of underlying javascript сrap. That might be hard to find/debug, but that's Khoros's problem.



@waclawek.jan wrote:

it copies stuff which is not highlighted.

Ah, that's different, then.

The issues I'm thinking of are always with avoiding it highlighting unwanted stuff.

As a workaround, does 'Paste as plain text' help?

Well, it of course does not copy the picture (although it brings with itself the name, twice as once it's textual replacement of the avatar, the "ranking" and the date -- see below); OTOH it's an annoyance as it's not Ctrl-V.


‎2024-02-21 04:50 PM - edited ‎2024-02-21 04:52 PM

> you have to be really carefull to avoid selecting unwanted "rubric" stuff ...

I of course am perfectly able to remove the extraneous copied stuff; but the bug is a bug nonetheless.