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How to Post

Posting a question or discussion in the ST Community is simple and should look pretty familiar if you have ever used an online community - or even a standard text editor!  Go to an area of the community from the top navigation bar:* Ask a Question f...

Re: Pong game or composite video for STM32

Embark on a tech journey with two exciting options: Craft a classic Pong game on your STM32 microcontroller, fusing graphics, user input, and game logic into a dynamic masterpiece. Alternatively, delve into the realm of composite video, masterfully c...

Sampling period for PI controllers in ST FOC SDK

For calculating apriori PID parameters when running ST FOC SDK, you obviously need to consider the sampling time of the regulator for the integral term. According to UM1052, current sensing is synchronous to the PWM. Is the sampling period of the cur...

Making a bluetooth audio reciever

I was thinking about making my own bluetooth audio reciever to make use of some old speakers but I don't know what kind of specifications i'm looking for. There are also not a lot of mentions about audio in datasheets when you look into aplications. ...

Questions about this site?

This is far from the right forum, but since there are no right forums for asking about the site itself...Is there a useful way to read the forums? Or maybe there are plans to switch into something more usable site SW?

How to Search

  The best way to quickly and effectively find an answer for your question is to make good use of the Search tool available in the ST Community. Chances are that a question similar (or identical!) to yours has already been asked - and answered.  Be...