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I wonder if i can run debian based distro, lets say ubuntu on STM32MP135-dk. If yes, Is there any example project i can check?
Hello. I want to use raw ethernet with HAL API. Is there any example for it ? I dont want to use LWIP, just raw ethernet frames and communicate between 2 board. Any example for guide could help me alot
I wanna implement Master and Slave ethercat protocol on stm32h7 series. Is there any examples available on subject?. Where should i start. Any resources?
Hello. I am trying to access SDMMC1 peripheral via Cortex-M4 core. I access SDMMC with no problem when I configure sdmmc clock 15MHZ or lower. Also fatfs use_dma_template option is disabled. But I have to use FreeRTOS in my project. So when i enable ...