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How can I power the STM32L476RG board via the EH pin of the ST25DV? Is there a module for this?
I am using ST25DV chip as NFC RF chip, can X-NUCLEO-NFC07A1 have an external antenna?Can ANT7-T-25DV64KC have an external antenna? Is there any other can external antenna?
In the Battery Charger circuit in STEVAL-SMARTAG2 version, the bill of materials of the C32 capacitor is not available, can you ask the specific model?
Can the antenna of this board be led out for measurement? How do I lead out the line for measurement? If not do I need to rebuild the board?
Use to read the data from the capture card.I want to read the data captured by the card and I get an error when I read it using the function rfalNfcvPollerReadSingleBlock.How can I change it?