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I keep getting the same errors:trying to compile a fresh copy from GITHUB Repository\x-cube-azrtos-h7-main\Projects\STM32H735G-DK\Applications\NetXDuo\Nx_MQTT_ClientSurely someone at ST can compile this code and tell me what is missing...@Haithem Rah...
Can someone give me a config.h file for the H735 Discovery kit ?Cannot get past the compile errors...There is nothing in my config file
How can I fix this issue ?Error: Invalid Register Name for _ipsr ( can't find ipsr)#ifndef TX_MISRA_ENABLE   register unsigned int _ipsr __asm("ipsr");   #endif
there is some code left out of the Cube initialisation that causes this issueplease put this back in...using L432 today, but this issue is a HAL problem.This corrected function fixes this issue. ( thanks to stack overflow)
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