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I want to detect zero crossing.I am able to read back emf with the pins provided on the board.I want to detect zero crossing using the bemf reading.I don't understand how to do it and what is the purpose of GPIO_bemf. 
Below is my cubemx config:I am trying to Read OP1_out via ADC.but I don't get any values when the motor is rotating.can some help me to configure the pin for single shunt current read ?Also if there is any Opamp configuration
I am have configured 3 ADC pins (PA4,PC4,PB11) with DMA.I want to read individual values at 3 different do adjust the size of the buffer for 3 Pins?Or any other way to read it?
HAL_TIMEx_ConfigCommutEvent(&htim1, TIM_TS_ITR3, TIM_COMMUTATION_TRGI);// HAL_TIM_IC_Start(&htim4, TIM_CHANNEL_2);   HAL_TIMEx_HallSensor_Start_IT(&htim4);here is my config setting:below is my capturecall back function.void HAL_TIM_IC_CaptureCallback...
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