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Why is USB DFU not detecting when moving exe and associated DLLs?


I'm using STM32 Cube API 2.6. I was able to get the C++ API to compile and load code.

I need the EXE in my own programming application. I changed the C++ API solution to place the EXE and DLLs in my application solution. I copy the EXE and DLLs to the debugging directory on build in Visual Studio. I'm able to call the EXE and it runs, but it cannot detect my DFU device. I double checked that the DLLs and EXE were copied to the debug directory.

In summary, I run the project API and can program my STM32 processor. I run with my program and I cannot detect the DFU. Any suggestions?



Hello @SEast.1​ ,

Could you please indicate which EXE and DLL files you've used, and how the executable was invoked?

Thanks in advance.

BeST Regards,