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STM32WL5 full chip flash failing


I am using a Wio-E5 mini devboard by Seed-studio and an ST-Link/V2 to program it.

After setting the Read Out Protection to AA, I was able to read and write from and to the memory and do a mass erase.
However, programming from CubeIDE always failed. I was not able to find out why exactly it failed, but got frustrated after a while and since it felt like I could always reset by doing a chip erase, I set all user configuration option bytes to zero to see what it does.
Since then, the uC seems to be bricked. I can still connect to it and (supposedly) read the memory, but I am unable to write any data to it, be it Options Bytes, trying to erase selected sectors, doing a full chip erase or uploading a hex file.
The Core State is always halted.

When trying to write any options byte, I get the following error (here an example trying to set the nBOOT1):


The error when I try and do a mass erase:


Read out protection is set to AA:


PCROP protection has the following values:


Write Protection has the following values:


And to make it complete, this is my bodged user configuration of the option bytes.


What I have tried so far:

- Check Boot0 pin: the state of this pin does not change anything. Having it at 0, 3.3 volts or floating does not make a change.
- Check reset pin: nreset is at 3.3 Volts. Pulling it low does not do much, as the uC goes right into halted state after the reset.
- Connecting with all modes and reset modes

Can anyone tell me what the problem might be exactly and if it might be reversible?
Tell me if you need any more information!

Thank you so much!