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STM32CubeProgrammer 2.16.0 fails to program STM32L433CC via USB


Our customer attempted to update the firmware on their device which uses an STM32L433CC. Programming failed to erase and download the firmware on the device. STM32CubeProgrammer 1.4.0 succeeded in programming the device.

Customer is using a Windows 11 machine with STM32CubeProgrammer 2.16.0.

I have verified that the break occured somewhere between 2.14.0 and 2.16.0 as 2.13.0 works. I have also verified that the behavior is both OS-independent and GUI-independent as I experience the same failure on Linux with 2.16.0 STM32_Programmer_CLI.

This is clearly not a hardware issue, but something wrong with the DFU implementation in STM32CubeProgrammer 2.16.0.

A log file from the failure on Linux is attached.


ST Employee

Hello @Rob.Riggs 

Thank you for reporting on our community. I will escalate your issue internally to the concerned team for more investigation (under ticket number 176977 which is just an internal tracking number)

Best Regards.


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This also affects STM32L4+ chips. STM32CubeProgrammer exhibits the same issue when programming the STM32L4Q5RE via USB DFU.

Has this issue been replicated by the development and QA teams? When can we expect to see it fixed?

Hello @Rob.Riggs,


I can confirm the problem from our side. As a workaround, I suggest performing a full chip erase before programming the device via USB. A fix will be included in a future release, I will keep you updated.