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How to develop my own application with CubeProgrammer_API at Ubuntu platform?

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I had tried writting my own Makefile to build the project but failed. Then I installed Qt5 unwder Ubuntu and followed your doxygen documentation except I didn't use mingw but the original g++, and it failed too. Although I add all the files you mentioned in the doc, it still has the unkown reference error.

Now I have no idea about the build environment and link configuration under linux, so I really need some help.

Best regards


Hello @WXiny.1​ ,

Can you try please to use the predefined Qt project already included on the install package under the name "" ?

Can share with us the compilation errors ?

Which Linux architecture you are using, x86 or x64 ?

Hi weswes,

I have been worked with CubeProgrammer_API for several days, like I mentioned before, I have tried to develop my application with Qt Creator IDE and followed your documentation step by step but the IDE showed " not found" and " not found". After I added these two files to the link command in the Makefile generated by qmake it worked

Then I tried to write my own Makefile bur it showed "undefined reference to 'QXmlUtils::isPublicID(Qstring const&)@Qt_5_PRIVATE_API'". It seems that the .so files provided by ST are incomplete. After comparing with Makefile generated by qmake, I found it contains a path under Qt path so I add it. Finally I can have my application pass the build process.

During the development , I found the program would block at logMessage after getDeviceGeneralInf(), and it seems that the program can't get the device information, so I have to comment them all. Then I can run to download function , but the download function failed which made me very confused because I once made it worked under windows. After then I remembered you guys update the version to 2.5.0 recently and I installed it to try to solve the build problem before. I noticed there are some changes about windows lib but none about linux lib. Inspite of this, I changed the lib folder to the one belongs to v2.4.0 and it works well. But now I am facing another question that I don't how to let the device know that the dfu process is completed.

After some easy test with Visual Studio, I didn't expect that I would pay so much effort to use this api under linux. It seems that the developers of CubeProgrammer_API didn't pay much attention to the other plateform. I really hop you can fix some problems and complete the doc at the next version.

Best regards

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I'm currently have the same objective : I tried to build the api example under Linux.

But it their lib is only available for windows : ./lib/x64/CubeProgrammer_API.lib

That's an issue for me. Also doesn't make sense when downloading the linux package, does it ?

Regarding to STM32CubeProgrammer API package it should be available for windows, linux ans MACOS.



I wanted this to test the CAN flash capability, option not available with the STMCube Programmer. It seems they rely on the STLInk V3 to bridge this interface.

EDIT : I found the shared library in the installation folder, beside the API folder : /opt/st/STM32CubeProgrammer/lib/

Just by changing the library search PATH in the Qt Pro file, and fix some issue in the code (missing cstddef include) I could have the example to build.

the embbeded documentation (chm) give full instructtions under "Application System Requirements". You should read it to get ready to developp with this library.