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How can I get Memory checksum after programming. With the ST-Link Utility I can get the programmed memory checksum and checksum over the whole FLASH range. I do not see this in the Log window of the STM32CubeProgrammer


The checksum feature isn't included in STM32CubeProgrammer. You can use the verify option to verify that the download was successful. Or read out the flash and do your own computation PC-side.

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Thanks for the answer. I guess I have to calculate it then by myself. Our Contract Manufacturers always want a checksum for the programming files, usually it was easy to provide by getting it through the ST-Link Utility.

I think this is a feature that's been requested previously

Depends on the fill/blank bytes used.

Here we develop out own binary packaging tools that output the values we need/expect as part of the signing process.

Perhaps try srecord or equivalent tools to standardize the process in a makefile, or wherever

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