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CubeProgrammer with J-Link


Is it planned that in the future the cube programmer will also work with the j-link like the cubeIDE?

Pavel A.
Evangelist III


We have one board that cannot work with ST-LINK because of design defect (to be fixed later);

It works with J-LINK in JTAG mode.

CubeIDE can use J-LINK for loading and debugging the program but I really miss full CubeProgrammer functionality - option bytes etc, that is hard with J-LINK software.

ST Employee

Hi @DS.5chäfer​ ,@Pavel A.​ ​ 

I see your point and will bring it up to the STM32CubeProgrammer team but to be honest it won't be treated in short term.

 Internal ticket number:  126303 (PS: This is an internal tracking number and is not accessible or usable by customers). 


Oh my gosh! I'd LOVE to use my J-Trace Pro with the STM32CubeProgrammer software.

Hi Pavel,


Can you please look into the following link. STM32CubeProgrammer & STM32CubeMonitor support SEGGER's J-Links

And please let me know which version of the cube programmer. 


kind regards,



V2.16.0 can do, see:

Which cube programmer version support jlink - STMicroelectronics Community

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