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Wakeup pins for STM32F030xC are missing in CubeMx

Associate III

Hi everyone.

I am selecting in CubeMX STM32F030xC MCU.

I see on the screen case where STM32F030CCTx LQFP48 is written.

Then I open Datasheet. There is Table 1. Device summary.

STM32F030xC corresponds to STM32F030CC and STM32F030RC.

Ok. Then I look at pinout.

There is PA2 (pin 12). It is WKUP4 (5).

At (5) there is: For STM32F030xC devices only

But in CubeMX there is no WAKEUP for PA2 (pin 12) when I open pin properties.

What I am missing?


I have another question related to WAKEUP pin configuration in CubeMX.

Wakeup triggers on rising edge so normally it must be pulled down.

But when I set available WAKEUP  pins I can't select pull down explicitly in CubeMX menu.

Maybe CubeMX does that implicitly?




Mahmoud Ben Romdhane
ST Employee

Hello @load2005 ,

First let me thank you for posting and welcome to the ST Community.

Your request is under investigation, and I will get back to you ASAP.



Mahmoud Ben Romdhane
ST Employee

Hello @load2005 ,

The  WakeUp pin is used to wakeup the system from Standby mode. This pin is forced in input pull down configuration and is active on rising edges.

There are two WakeUp pins, and up to eight Wakeup pins on STM32F07x & STM32F09x devices.
WakeUp Pin 1 on PA.00.
WakeUp Pin 2 on PC.13.
WakeUp Pin 3 on PE.06.(STM32F07x/STM32F09x)
(++)WakeUp Pin 4 on PA.02.(STM32F07x/STM32F09x)
WakeUp Pin 5 on PC.05.(STM32F07x/STM32F09x)
WakeUp Pin 6 on PB.05.(STM32F07x/STM32F09x)
WakeUp Pin 7 on PB.15.(STM32F07x/STM32F09x)
WakeUp Pin 8 on PF.02.(STM32F07x/STM32F09x)