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Very annoying Cube MX login and solution


I have been using STM32 microcontrollers for development for several years, and I am very grateful that development ecosystems such as CubeMX and Cube IDE helped me speed up development.

However, the latest version of Cube MX requires user login, and I confirmed that login is not possible due to the security policy of the company I work for.

The login window became unresponsive and the program had to be forcibly closed.
This was very annoying.

Will manufacturers actually gain much benefit by encouraging users to log in?
I cannot agree.
Rather, with this software structure, there will be people like me who cannot use it.

I present a solution for users like me.

1. First, log in in an environment where CubeMX can be used normally (general network environment).

2. Then, you will see the userauth folder in the folder below.
C:\Users\[user name]\.stm32cubemx\plugins

3. Copy the userauth folder and paste it into the same folder on the computer where cubeMX cannot be logged in.

Through this, there was no problem logging into Cube MX.