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Project explorer highlighting .ld files - how to stop that?

Senior II

No idea with what version that came, just updated to 1.15.1 after a couple months, and linker scripts are now written in bold font.
Kinda arbitary, needlessly distracting and annoying. I know what files I find important when, don't need a nanny for that, okay?

How do I disable that?



While we're at it, the update to 1.15 did annoying things additional to the above:

  1. installed a toolchain (gcc12) I did not ask for, wasting space AND
  2. break existing toolchain settings for some of the installed compilers, which forced me to "add manually" in toolchain manager, the one that's still on the system but somehow CubeIDE forgot about, so the projects won't all light up red and claim their toolchain doesn't exist.
  3. Put an icon into the text menu bar (seriously, WTF?), making it stand out there as the most important item, i.e. the "myST" login, which I will never use & is defacto the very least important item, whether you greedy data grabbers think so or not, in fact, this doesn't belong in an IDE at all, how about copying those things from Visual Studio that enhance productive functionality instead of such ***? Another utterly annoying distraction, next to the bold font linkerscripts. [not 100% sure it was this or prev update, wasn't using the IDE much for the past couple updates]
Andrew Neil
Evangelist III

@SKled.1 wrote:

No idea with what version that came

Not doing it in 1.13.0

Does seem pointless and unnecessary - just a distraction.

Chief II

I had IDE 1.13.1 and now using  1.14.1 - no problems.

So try 1.14.1 - maybe your "problem" solved. (But i dont up to you.)

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