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struggles with output compare mode one pulse --- stm32l476rg?

Senior III


I am struggling (for a week now) trying to figure out how this output compare stuff works....Documentation is very poor on this and naming conventions are all over the place....

I would like to gate timer15 with a pulse from timer1. I am experimenting with timer1 output compare to do this bcz it seems PWM will not work. I am trying to port out a signal to PA8 on output compare channel 1 to test and then the hope is via one of the TRGO selections I can then move it to there. So the questions :

  1. what am I doing wrong in the picture (you cannot see it but I have checked One Pulse Mode) expectation based on settings is to get a high pulse at 998 counts for 1 pulse and this should repeat based on Retriggerable OPM1?? scope indicates pin goes high one time and that is it
  2. Assuming I can get a pulse out of this thing to see using OC Mode will it be possible to send this to TRGO to gate another timer??
  3. Is there a way to have PWM port out to TRGO to gate a second timer?

Please don't refer me to manuals I have scoured these things and the lack of good info seems scarce at best for what I am trying to do.....

Thank you



Try to describe us what do you want to achieve, perhaps drawing a timing diagram.


Senior III

This is the ultimate picture but I'd be happy understanding how to gate say tim15 with tim1 ....I have tim15 set up as PWM output but it runs continuously....

Principal III

A more educational ressource is AN4776 Application note "General-purpose timer cookbook for STM32 microcontrollers"