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STM32L552E-EV and STM32Cube_FW_L5_V1.1.0

Associate III


I have a STM32L552E Evaluation Board, and I see that the Examples and Applications folders have projects for IAR, KEIL and CubeIDE. Previusly I used System Workbench for STM32, so I installed CubeIDE and I tried to run and debug some code in the evaluation Board.

I can build and using a STLinkV2 and the JTAG Connector CN10 I can load the binary in the evaluation board and I can debug the programs but I found one problem.


There are not CubeIDE project available for de Demostration code in STM32Cube_FW_L5_V1.1.0 , and there are not a generated binary to load this firmware neither, so, How can I test all the board functionality without paid for an IAR or KEIL LICENSE?


When I build and load GPIO_IOToggle Example the HAL_Delay funtion does not return. I try with other examples codes that uses HAL_Delay and the result is the same.

Do I need to modify something to make works fine the HAL_Delay function in these examples?


In the Examples there are these Notes:


@note Care must be taken when using HAL_Delay(), this function provides accurate delay (in milliseconds)

   based on variable incremented in SysTick ISR. This implies that if HAL_Delay() is called from

   a peripheral ISR process, then the SysTick interrupt must have higher priority (numerically lower)

   than the peripheral interrupt. Otherwise the caller ISR process will be blocked.

   To change the SysTick interrupt priority you have to use HAL_NVIC_SetPriority() function.


@note The example needs to ensure that the SysTick time base is always set to 1 millisecond

to have correct HAL operation.



I think that the examples was prepared to run without any modification.

RESOLVED: Today I build and load again and it works... I don't know what's happening before 

Best Regards


Associate III

Thanks for send me the HEX file.

ST Employee

Hello Martin,

We do not provide .hex inside the Cube firmware package anymore but as a standalone resource on ST Web with the board. I will check what is the status of the publication request for this and I will come back to you.

CubeIDE Projects coming in next release with STM32CubeL5 package V1.2.0 expected on 20w07.

Best Regards,


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