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STM32H747-DISCO How to configure modbus Serial Port Protocol (RTU/TCP) through stmcubMX?

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Hello engineers, I am working on a GUI interface with touchgfx. After a long period of exploration, I am now able to burn the official touchgfx sample to the development board, and now I am running into a few new problems.
Question 1: I have burned the official simple example: The Button Example shows how to handle clicks of a Button using interactions. It also shows how to interact with the nresenter A bit of logic to enable and disable buttons is done by the presenter. Through this example, I want to click the button to send data and cooperate with mobdus devices to achieve serial communication function. However, the difficulty is that I do not know how to configure usart/uart serial port through STM32cubeMX to achieve serial communication function with mobdus devices. RS232 or RS485 serial port is not found in the development board.
Question 2: Is the fan-out board (MB1280) used? If so, how should I use it? If you can use it, please give me some related circuit diagrams and use tutorials
Thank you very much!

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Modbus needs a library/stack to add in your application. It's not something it could be configured natively in CubeMx.

See this thread:

For STM32H747-DISCO usage you can refer to its user manual on this link.and its schematics on this link.

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Your Tutor should be providing the Tutorials..  The web is also full of material, a Google or YouTube search away.

RS232 / RS485 will need to be achieved via suitable level shifters / interface converters to get from the 3.3V CMOS signally used by the MCU.

See parts like MAX3232 / ST3232C

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